See the Causes of Tinea versicolor in the Face and How to Prevent it

Having tinea versicolor on the face will certainly be very disturbing appearance. This skin problem is caused by a fungal infection, and is often considered a disease that arises due to lack of maintaining bodily hygiene. If you have this, a variety of ways need to be done to eliminate tinea versicolor on the face. Tinea versicolor itself is a skin disease that is often found in tropical and humid countries, including Indonesia. This skin disease occurs due to Malassezia fungal infections found on the surface of the skin and develops very quickly. The weather is humid and hot, the production of excessive sweating, oily skin, to a weak immune system, is believed to be a risk factor for the appearance of tinea versicolor on the face. Besides occurring on the face, tinea versicolor can also appear on the back, chest, neck and upper arms. Tinea versicolor often appears unnoticed, especially if it occurs on the skin that is not visible. When a person has phlegm, symptoms that are common
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